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Always measure twice to avoid a costly mistake and only use a metal tape measure 

Inside Window Recess (Recess Size)

Give the width and height of the recess. We will deduct a small amount from the blind width so it fits the recess depending on what type of blind it is. 

Please measure the top middle and bottom of the recess and give the smallest measurement for Venetian and Roman blinds .

For roller blinds only measure the top of the recess. Select "recess" when ordering and input measurement in cm width x drop.

Also ensure that the recess your blind is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely when fully extended.

Make sure the recess is deep enough for the blind you are fitting.


Outside Window Recess (Exact or Blind Size)

Decide how much you want the blind to overlap the recess at each side and from top and bottom. Select "exact" when ordering and input measurement in cm width x drop.
Additional information when measuring for roller blinds. Please note that the cloth width will be 30mm (1.25") narrower than the overall size.


Valance Returns

When fitting a blind on the outside of a recess, some blinds have the option to order a pair of returns or (single for a bay). This is where the pelmet covering the headrail returns on itself at each end to cover the bracket.



If you have any large handles protruding from the window, measure the width of the recess at the point in the recess where the blind will hang to clear the handle.


Tiles, Picture rails or skirting boards

If your window has tiles, picture rails or shirting boards around the recess of the window, measure inside these to ensure the blinds will hang down to the window sill.


Angled Reveals

Measure between the smallest points where the blind is to fit.


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